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Ethan & Wyatt Book 2

An unexpected fresh start leads to an unlikely-but-absolutely-perfect pairing in this male/male new-adult series from bestselling gay romance author K.A. Mitchell

Physically, it’s easy for Ethan and Wyatt to be together—well, if “easy” means stolen moments when Ethan’s roommate is away, or sneaking away to a hidden nook in the library. Privacy is hard to come by in a dorm, but finding ways to connect is half the fun. 

Emotionally, though, that’s a different story. Wyatt isn’t sure if a relationship is something he can make last—years of having to hide his emotions have left him with a shaky sense of self-confidence. And when it’s time to head home for the holidays, their steamy on-campus connection may not translate so well to the real world…

Read a excerpt here!

Reviewers love Ethan & Wyatt!

“Once I started reading it, I just couldn’t seem to stop because it was that good.”


Five stars from Inked Rainbow Reads!


Grade B from Kaetrin at Dear Author


An early review from Gay Book Reviews | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks






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