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Free Reads
(in order of release)

Custom Ride holiday sequel

Custom Christmas - PDF download

In this sequel to Custom Ride, Ryan is looking for the perfect gift for Jeff's daugher - and to show his commitment to Jeff.


Florida Series

Collision Course Christmas 

Joey goes Christmas shopping.  Aaron tracks him down.


Collision Course Valentine

Aaron has a hard time saying it.  Dr. Kim is amused.


No Souvenirs Deleted Scene

Introducing Scuba Cowboy.


No News is Good News - PDF download

Why is Joey walking funny when he appears in But My Boyfriend Is?


Bad in Baltimore Series

Appetizing - PDF download

Gavin really wants to make something special for Eli's New Year's Eve Party.  Set after Bad Behavior.


Ready or Knot Series

Put A Ring On It Deleted Scene - PDF download

This is a scene I wrote while I was getting to know the four core characters.  I don't think it will make it into any of the books, so I'm considering it a Director's Cut.  Some minor details, such as Gideon growing up in the Bronx changed as I wrote, but who they are didn't.  I hope you like a little peek at them.

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