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Ready or Knot  Book 2 


Former child star and deeply closeted adult actor Jax Conlon needs a boost to his flagging career. He promised his mom, just before she died. He hopes he's found it in a guest spot with the latest directorial prodigy, but his research for the role gets derailed by an encounter with a handsome stranger with more… hands-on experience.

Oz Parsons is a devoted dad to two amazing little girls.  Maybe a little too devoted—he hasn't had anything resembling a personal life since his ex left, leaving Oz and the girls with broken hearts and abandonment issues. So a hook-up with a hot guy is just what he needed, to let off some pent-up steam without any complications. There’s something about Jax, though, that’s got him finding reasons to draw things out.


With their goals and families pulling them in two different directions, Oz and Jax have to figure if white-hot chemistry and desire that won't quit is enough to roll the dice and risk now on forever.


The first chapter is available as a bonus at the end of Put a Ring on It.


"I absolutely loved this book... Highly, highly recommended!"

-Gigi, Reviews by Jessewave on Put a Ring on It (Book 1) | Dreamspinner Press | Barnes & Noble | Kobo











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